Corporate Social Responsibility

With the aim of establishing structured dialogue methods with its stakeholders, Monnalisa has carried out activities involving the various stakeholders.  The following activities are carried out in relation to CSR:

- Activities directed at employees: activities and investments in training; interoffice information on topics regarding CSR; establishment of an Ethic Committee as the internal body in charge of implementing the SA8000 management system.

- Activities directed at customers: customer satisfaction surveys and brand value measurement studies; customer focus groups; art competitions aimed at stimulating children's creativity; quality improvement of services provided to customers (reliability of shipments, after-sale support, reordering, sales returns, exchange of merchandise); visual merchandising assistance; exhibit space designing; e-commerce service.

- Activities directed at suppliers: inspections at supplier's facility (both in Italy and abroad) in order to assess conformity to CSR standards, supplier participation in the development of collections, focus groups.

- Activities directed at the territory and the local community: collaborating with the university system (placement and experience sharing); open forums with local institutions; local projects regarding CSR.

- Activities directed towards the environment: the installation of photovoltaic systems, participation in the LIFEGATE Zero Impact Project for the reduction and offsetting of CO2 emissions.

- Activities in the social sphere: with the establishment of the Monnalisa Onlus Foundation, specific projects in the social sphere were organized: “Arezzo Socialmente Responsabile” (Socially Responsible Arezzo) developed fund-raising activities among the companies of the territory and among citizens  (the project was extended to all the valleys surrounding Arezzo); a telethon raised money for 35 local and international aid projects; Edustra Day was an event organized during the European Road Safety Day, with a day dedicated to theory and practical lessons on road safety.


It is possible to send Reports / Complaints at or ( fax: 051/6389926 ) and Sai Accreditation Entity : saas , 220 East 23rd Street , Suite 605 , New York 10010 , United States ( fax + 212-684-1515).

The project “Cittadella della Sicurezza Stradale” (Road Safety Citadel) was inaugurated from 24 to 27 September 2009.  

Since 2003 Monnalisa has been drawing up Integrated Social Reports, the 2006 edition of which won the Financial Statement Oscar in the category of “small and medium-sized companies”.

Monnalisa took part in the 2007 WTO public forum in Geneva entitled “WTO and SMEs:  What is needed to have a win-win situation”. Monnalisa also participated in the Italian CSR Manager Network in 2008 to relate its own experience on the integrated reporting of intangibles, and once again in 2010, for the integrated Annual Report.

Mindful that the greatest resource of the company is its people, Monnalisa SpA decided to adopt and implement a social responsibility management system in accordance with the SA8000 standard.  With the aim of guaranteeing the ethicality of its management and production process, the Ethic Committee – an internal body in charge of implementing the SA8000 management system - was established.    

Monnalisa is committed to creating values and value in the course of time with a product of quality and strong identity, a flexible and personalized service, a dynamic work environment, a profitable and continual relationship with suppliers, and a company territorially sustainable, with the aim of excelling in innovation and creativity, stimulating general managerial skills, and expanding in the world on both a productive and commercial level while always having corporate values and its identity at heart.
Aspects such as competence, innovative ability and relationships are more and more important to the company.  These intangible resources have even more value for a company like Monnalisa whose key elements of success are its creativity, its reliability, its partnership with customers and suppliers, and its attention to the local community.

Monnalisa SpA aims at contributing to the development of a culture of sustainability and at making all stakeholders mindful of the topics relating to the diffusion of corporate social welfare.