Arezzo, May 27 Monnalisa again makes itself available in view of the COVID-19 emergency.  After devoting part of its  production efforts to the manufacture of TNT masks for the its city, Monnalisa started a special production for children. The masks are already available and highly sought after, both on e-commerce channels and in the Group's boutiques. Piero Iacomoni, Chairman and Barbara Bertocci, creative director, wanted to allocate the first two production lots for charity purposes. After a batch for the paediatric ward and gynaecological ward of San Donato Hospital, scheduled for Thursday, May 28 at 4PM, masks will be donated at the THEVENIN family home, a charity operation in synergy with the “Fondazione Monnalisa” and the “Associazione Italiana Avvocati di Famiglia”, based in Arezzo. Piero Iacomoni stated: "We are proud of the resilience of our company, which has made its skills, fabrics and creativity available to the style office to produce top quality masks, from 6 to 12 years old, for boys and girls, with a strong fashion appeal and exceptional comfort that will encourage their use". Barbara Bertocci added: "Just in recent days,  Monnalisa also wanted to demonstrate its solidarity with the city of Milan, where we have a boutique in Via della Spiga and the management showroom in Corso Buenos Aires, sending to the maternity ward of the San Raffaele hospital, items for new-borns as a gift to the 200 children who will be born over the coming month. It seemed to us a gesture with a strong symbolic value, a celebration of life, in a city and in a part of Italy that has suffered more than others the consequences of this health emergency


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