Arezzo, May 16: in the presence of the local institutions and all stakeholders, the ribbon-cutting took place on the extension - innovative in terms of the technological and design features  - of Monnalisa’s headquarters. An annex of 7,000 sq. m. is added to the historic building, which features a rounded facade and mirrored surfaces.  Much of the new complex shall be allocated to a semi-automatic warehouse and - thanks to a height of over 12 meters and customised logistics software - facilitates advanced warehouse management. The remaining space, with large windows and a panoramic view of the historic centre, service areas for each department, showroom areas and highly scenic meeting rooms, is marked by its focus on the environment, built according to the improvement plans certified to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. From photovoltaic systems to the garage with electric columns, to the insulating glass and to the separated waste collection areas for each department, everything is designed to reduce environmental impact, with an estimated annual CO2 emissions saving of 23.533 tonnes.  A large  olive tree placed above the entrance symbolises both the close link with the region and the unity within the company that puts people at the centre and focuses on the well-being of employees through innovative welfare policies as a key strength.  

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