April 16: After having presented last March 24, in a 34 single brand worldwide, Miss Monnalisa, today the launch of the highly anticipated first animated episode, with the iconic star.

Introduced on the Monnalisa  official social networks, with contents that gradually "unveil" the features, Miss Monnalisa is the focus of four entertaining episodes, all with different settings that describe, from time to time, one aspect of her eclectic character: romanticism, the spirit of adventure, the love of travel, the passion for fashion. All annotated in The Travel Diary and photographed with her inseparable camera.

The adventures of Miss Monnalisa, represented with the collection outfits, will involve the single brand in a second unmissable appointment, from Hong Kong to Moscow, from Milan to Los Angeles, from Madrid to Panama, next September 29th, with an event that will celebrate the value of friendship.

Follow the romantic adventure of Miss Monnalisa!

FB: monnalisaeu

IG: monnalisa_official

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