Monnalisa “lands” on the island of Guam



Retail development of the childrenswear brand continues with opening at one of the major tax-free shopping destinations.

Guam, May 2019 New opening on yesterday May 1 for Monnalisa on the eastern Pacific Ocean island, considered as the gate to Micronesia, a non-incorporated US territory.
The duty free island is a luxury shopping destination for Asian consumers, particularly from Japan, Korea and China.The new opening is at the major “The Plaza“ Shopping Center which features numerous high-end brands and is annexed to the renowned Outrigger Guam Resort. The new MONNALISA opening, with a 110 sq. m. store, reflects the sophisticated identity of the brand, featuring the iconic floral bouquet flooring, rose textured walls , cream lacquered furniture with mouldings and elegant perimeter cabinets with a clear “made in Italy” stamp. Francesco Furlan, retail manager, stated regarding the opening: “This opening, in a far-off although strategically significant corner of the world, is an important addition to the direct stores already operating in the US, from New York to Los Angeles and from Miami to Philadelphia” .


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