Piambianco 2012 Research: Monnalisa potentially Listable


Pambianco has presented its research on a panel of 480 luxury/fashion companies and 167 design/home at the Italian Stock Exchange. The goal of such research is to segment the best performing companies with technical characteristics that makes them potentially suitable to be listed on the Stock Exchange in the coming 3/5 years. The Study did not consider multibrand retailers, and it ranked 50 top Enterprises.
Monnalisa is a New Entry and it ranked at the 43rd spot. To be noted that Monnalisa is the only company in the list that focusses exclusively on children’s wear. The model was based on the following parameters:
a) % growth in the past 3 year
b) Mean EBITDA value of the past 3 years
c) Brand Awareness
d) Size
e) Distribution/Stores
f) Liabilities
g) Management Age
h) Market Segment